​Build 138 - The shameful Hotfix.

Build 138 - The fix that fixes the stupid mistakes of debugging stuff.


Fixed external music not loading (it was forced to internal music)

Fixed unlocking of the yellow rocket (id 1 was set to 10 so you unlocked the wrong thingy)

Added the ability to unlock the extra two rockets when you unlock the black final one.

improved keyboard menu navigation.


Rocket Jockeys - Build 138.7z 534 MB
Jan 19, 2022

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Does the download take a bit to be visible? Still only showing build 137 as the latest build to download. I'm itching to try the new release :)

No, i think it was simply in the bottom of the list.

It's like that by default and i haven't moved it up.

Very strange... not showing up at all. I attached an image with the list I see.

This was on by default...

There it is! Thank you so much!!!!