Build 115 - Good Night USA!

BUILD 115 - The build where stuff got polished and the lights turns on in the night.

Major Changes

  • Added Night and Day environments.
  • Keys and Button Binding fixed (including Player 2)
  • Added Tutorial.
  • Added Flail.
  • Harpoons targets corrected
  • QOL  improvements
  • Tons of bug fixes

Known bugs: Key rebinds still show wrong binds after a restart


Cable Color invert toggle.
Fixed getting stuck with a nudge, fixed rocket sometimes not spawning after level restart
More skies


Added Spray powerups GUI indicators.
Added Radar invisibility on spawn (uses Unknown 16)
Added stealth(radar too)
Fixed Undies
Fixed the win by killing on ball mode


Tutorial Added
3D sound effects in Mixer (meaning immediate volume adjustments for 3d sounds).


Added new options panel, Not yet implemented.
Quality settings slider fixed with new up to 10 graphics setting.


New HDRIs and Night Day systems.
Major Lighting and Glowing Changes.
Harpoon now has target flags according to levels.
Radar now tracks your Balls.
Ball inactive re-spawn improved
QOL - added level fail reason.
RocketAI and RocketBallAI improvements, No more explosions when stuck.
Added temperature throttle control function for AI.
Mines release rocket cable after explosion.
Added cool overheat beeping noise.


Added Flail
Fixed Xbox Rebinding
Added Player 2 rebinding
Added controller Pause

Reduced threshold velocity for getting up
Some Changes to cable traps and cable manager to support flails.
Fixed RB0503 1664 second timer for dispenser. - Game Breaking bug.
Changed RW0301 flail armcount to 2 to match original game.


Added Ragdoll Cannon in menu
Reduced balls tether time.
Added ref Wistle in ball mode
Added more player sounds
Changed some graphics and materials
Added Ball 5 Sticky bomb (not used in original game)


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Aug 23, 2021

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