Build 108 - The great unfreeze

The game is finally very playable!

Main Changes:

  • Fixed Point spread and Min points in Rocket Ball game now Ends correctly and win lose is indicated correctly.
  • Added Radar (finally), Jockeys are Red, Rockets are Blue, Gates are green and yellow, so is your puke too.
  • UI is more comfortable to use
  • AIs are less stupid
  • Fixed the game freeze from the previous build, It was due to infinite wedgies!
  • Controls are now saved.

Known Issues:

Controls might be saved but it doesn't look like it when you reload, the new binds work but they show up in settings only once you rebind one of the keys again and all are shown

D108 - Overall polish

  • Optimized some meshes and chose better materials for stuff
  • Fixed ball not working when only 1 character is in play
  • Racing Radar
  • Fixed some more AI explosions
  • Character manager is more tidy now.
  • RocketWar AI improvements
  • Fixed some Level Select inconsistencies
  • Rocket will now dock launchers on bail (80% chance to dock)
  • Less damage to rocket's wings (still kinda excessive but fits the spirit)

D107 - Dirty little bug!

  • Fixed game freeze due to infinite Undies.
  • LevelSelect auto selects and auto scrolls on end of match - QOL improvement
  •  Controls are now persistant - QOL improvement
  •  Restart Level is now Ctrl+R instead of R.
  •  Added Restart Level in GUI.
  •  Added Camera Look locks to player rotation
  •  AI won't explode too much due to excessive breaking
  •  Rocket select now supports Scroll Wheel

D105 - Some Graphics changes

  • Back decals
  • Changed Char2 model a bit
  • Added wing attached sounds

D106 - Radar!

  • Fixed Point spread and Min points in Rocket Ball game now Ends correctly
  • Added Radar


Rocket Jockeys - Build 108.7z 326 MB
Jul 31, 2021

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Another great release, I still can't believe how well this remake is coming together.  With the new radar, onn my screen at 1440p the dots on the radar are very tiny and hard to see at a glance.

(2 edits)

Well see how small they are on the original on a 1080P screen ^^

They shouldn't be any smaller than how they appear on my screen, the GUI scales with the screen not with the resolution

It is exactly the same size no matter what resolution I pick 4K or 1080P
The radar is simply small, it has nothing to do with your screen ^^

[can't upload screenshots but you'll have to believe me]

The dots are hard to see no matter the resolution, this is merely the first version of the radar, it will be improved upon. (it still doesn't show balls because I forgot that it should)


I have added the ability to press Ctrl+M to scale up the radar. It will be in the next build.