Get 1337! Build 137 is here

With a great update, comes big changes...

This is the update where you can team up with a friend (or let all the AIs team up against you like in the original), try out some new levels and enjoy a MUCH smoother ride due to physics changes all while listening to some new music

Note: This update is not compatible with old save files.


Added Teams mode vs AI, different unlocking state for each mode, this is the recommended mode for split screen!

Added new music to the game so even if you don't load the original music you won't suffer.

Added 2 new custom made arenas!

Fez boy is here! he will referee you to death if needed.


- Rockets now fly higher in the intended height (fixes some hard times going over fences)
- Further calibrated rockets.
- Improved how rockets handle, they are much more refined and don't jump/lose traction anymore when pitching down and then up.
- Pillars will now cut tethered players rope (not when you do it on foot)
- You can punch now ^^
- Dispensers wait for game start.
- Smoothed out the american football's physics.
- Some fixes and improvements in racing AI and AI in general.
- Aero spray now also increases max height by 10 percent!


- Better level selection screen (With pictures!).
- Rocket selection screen improvements.
- Rockets and characters have names.
- Added UI hiding using the F4 key.
- Added some prompt for your name on first launch.
- Pop ups blur the main menu.


- Handlebars Movement on first rocket.
- Optimized performance and changed how quality levels works.
- Added VSYNC toggle.
- Fixed some pop in in objetcs.
- Added dust and water effects.

Quality of Life:

- Persistant number of AI on special levels.
- Fixed generic "You Lose!" Message, now it is more clear why.
- No more confusing  "playername wins, Level failed" when you win the game but lose the level due to requirements.
- Added back button for mouse on Rocket Selection.
- Added name prompt on start.
- Tutorial button now reflects the current game mode.


- Pause is now gradual with cool camera orbiting.
- Added more sounds for players.
- Added sounds for balls (whooshing, humming etc....)
- Improved rocket repetitive sound.
- Reduced boost volume.
- Added win/Lose Music
- Song Ticker Added
- The jet now pushes small and light objects behind the rocket.


- Fixed wall and ground hooks bugging out when tethering.
- Ragdolls don't get stuck anymore.
- Rounded pop wall corners.
- Fixed invisible barbed wires traps.
- Fixed multi stringing to anything kills.
- Tons of script cleaning and optimizations.
- Tons of bug fixes that I can't even remember


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Jan 13, 2022

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Amazing work on this game! One potential bug, I noticed the game is not playing the custom music tracks anymore and just defaulting to the open license music. This worked in the previous release but seems to have stopped working in the latest one.

Fixed on 138 hotfix.
It was a tickbox on my end that told the game to ignore outside music

Awesome!!!! Thank you so much! Absolutely amazing job!