Mac builds and Linux Builds

Mac Version.

Build 50 Mac version is up.

I've got a request for a mac build so I made one.

I have no mac  so I can't test them, I won't boot into hackintosh just for testing these.

have these builds with a grain of salt.

Mac builds will be in low priority and will be released only every major change and when I feel like it.

How to get it running

you run the thing like any other .app folder.

You do have to mark it as executable using the terminal so you'll be able to well... execute it.

cd <PATH_TO_YOUR_APP>/Rocket Jockeys

chmod +x RocketJockeys

Linux Version

I have not made one yet because I have got no requests for it but I will make one in the near future just because I love Linux so much.


Rocket Jockeys 50 Mac 330 MB
Jun 05, 2020

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