Online? maybe, trying my best


it's my first time trying to make an online game,

First I synced the player position and rotation, Easy enough...

then I synced animations, wasn't very hard.
then came the ragdolls...

oh boy, the ragdolls.

I have had tons of problems getting it to work stuff bugged out, Unity got a buggy update, and then everything MP simply stopped working for a mysterious reason that has nothing to do with any update and there goes 6 months of development freeze since the last release.

After 6 months of Unity having some weird layout bugs and me just doing other stuff I'll be back on developing the game.
so... MP is working again!!!! So far I have implemented:
Basic pregame
Lobby+Rocket selection screen
Characters, Ragdolls, Dispensers, Rockets, Cables and spawnables (mines etc) are synced.
Game state is partially synced(game starts, ends, time, etc...).

The thing is really heavy on network traffic, I'll either have to just make it work or cut stuff down to get data rates in a reasonable matter. LAN will work fine ^^

So to conclude, Development is not officially dead, Programming Multiplayer is a ***** and I am back in business!

PS: please report Bugs and feel free to give ideas for improvement.


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Jun 05, 2020

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Awesome, thanks for the update, looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks man! Keep up the good work!