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Greetings Rocketeers!

Ever since 1996, the release of the original Rocket Jockey game, people didn't have the opportunity to run, jump, fly, grab, kill, goal and race to their will in a new rocket jockey game... NO MORE!

Here is my take on a spiritual remake for the classic.

Meet Rocket Jockeys!

New Engine, New Graphics, New Physics but good old Gameplay!

Discord Server for updates:

Google sheet for suggestions/bug reports


Latest Gameplay video 

Please Check the readme File for instructions on Old Music Loading.


  •  Run, Fly, Jump, Ragdollize, Grab, Tie, Explode and Goal!
  •  Split Screen Gameplay!
  •  Upscaled 3D menus.
  •  11 Rockets (unlockable by stealing) and 5 Characters.
  •  AI, more like AS (Artificial Stupidity) at this point. but they have their highs and lows.
  •  5 custom special new levels.
  •  Support for loading all of the old game levels.
  • Support for loading the old game's soundtrack (not provided)
  • Experimental Online support (Broken).
Gameplay keys

WASD + IJKL + M + space (mouse also works you merge cables by clicking both cables at the same time)

player 2 uses an XBOX controller(Haven't tried other controllers yet but should work).

Special keys:  

F1 -Restart the game to the menu

F4 - hide UI

Escape - Pause Menu

Ctrl+R - Restart the Level

Ctrl+F - Show FPS

Gameplay  Description(Wikipedia):

Players control a Rocket "sled" (called a cycle in game), which is basically a rocket with small wings for directing the flight and grappling hooks mounted on the sides. These hooks can be fired into pylons, mines, sporting equipment, bodies, and anything else that can be grappled. 

The grappling hook guns are fixed to shoot out horizontally, 45 degrees to the left and the right of the sled's direction of motion. The player can tap a key to connect the left grapple line to the right one and fly free, leaving a clothesline obstruction for others. Hence, grappling hooks serve a dual purpose: tight turns on stationary objects, and disabling competitors(and GOALS!).

I'm alone in this development endeavor, however kudos for Joel Garcia from the Rocket Jockey Facebook group for taking the time to convert the old levels to JSON format.


General Credits

  • Joel Garcia for helping with the original levels and content deciphering that helped make the game bigger than I have ever imagined!
  • My friend Simon Albo for the cool Rocket model (Purple-Blue one).
  • The original Rocket Jockey team!


  • Arongranberg’s Astar (A*) Pathfinding Project for on foot AI navigation.
  • BeardedManStudios for Forge Networking Remastered


  • Blue Wave Theory for their amazing free to use Albums!
  • Dark Matter Stock Music and NO COPYRIGHT Creators Library for the stock surf rock.


  • The Blender foundation for creating that amazing 3D Software for free!
  • GIMP for the upscaled textures.

Graphics Assets:

  • Me for the rest I guess?

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreAction, Fighting, Racing
TagsFlight, Physics, Remake, Retro, Soccer, Split Screen, Steampunk, Surreal


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Rocket Jockeys - Build 138.7z 534 MB
Rocket Jockeys - Build 137.zip 719 MB
Rocket Jockeys - Build 115.7z 546 MB
Rocket Jockeys - Build 108.7z 326 MB
Rocket Jockeys - Build 104 325 MB
Rocket Jockeys - Build 100 323 MB
Rocket Jockeys Remake - Day 50.7z 241 MB
Rocket Jockeys Remake - Day 45.7z 239 MB
Rocket Jockey Remake - Day 32.7z 236 MB
Rocket Jockey Remake - Day 28.7z 191 MB
Rocket Jockey Remake - Day 25.7z 166 MB
Rocket Jockey Remake - Day 6.7z 47 MB
Rocket Jockeys 50 Mac Version.zip 330 MB

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